How to start off an essay

There is a very common theory, according to which the abundance of footnotes, not only in diplomas, but also in books, is a manifestation of chastity, snobbery and the desire to throw dust into the eyes. Yes, of course, individual writers abuse notes to give importance to their work, and overloadfootnotes with unnecessary information, sometimes shamelessly robbing other critical sources. But apart from such extremes, notes, used in moderation and taste, are necessary and useful. What it means “in moderation and taste” is not to say, it depends on the nature of the diploma. Let us show by examples. a) Notes indicate the source of the quote. If the sources fit inside the text, it will be difficult to read. Of course, there is a way to transfer this information without footnotes (see section V.4.3 about the author-date system).

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