How to write essay

In many sciences (and the farther, the more actively), the principle is applied, which allows one to do without bibliographic notes and use only conceptual notes (controversy, reference, etc.). With this principle, the textual bibliography is designed so that the name of the author and the date of the first publication of the book or article are highlighted. I give below a choice of several models of such design: Etas Kompass Libri), pp. 304 In this type of bibliography, you get the opportunity, if the text speaks about something, to do without a ticker and notes under the line, and write this: In marketing research on market brands, “the number of focus groups is determined based on the specific objectives of the survey” Corigliano, 1969: 73). But the same Corigliano indicates that “the territory of the selection of respondents is appointed arbitrarily” (1969: 71).

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