How long is a short essay

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Intonation. Having decided to whom to address (to all mankind, not only to your opponent!), It is necessary to find intonation. This is a very delicate matter. If there were universal rules in the world, everyone would be great writers. You can only advise to rewrite the diploma several times or write something else before you start working on the diploma, since writing is also a question of training; In any case, I can try to give you some of the most general recommendations. Do not play Proust. If the phrases are too long, write as they go, but then divide.

Do not be afraid to repeat the subject twice. Avoid pronouns and subordinate clauses. Do not write: Pianist Wittgenstein, brother of the famous philosopher, author of the work Logical and Philosophical Treatise, now generally accepted as a masterpiece of modern philosophy, was lucky to receive a left-hand concert from the composer Ravel, since he was not lucky to lose his right hand during the First World War (1914-1918). 168 Write better this way: Pianist Wittgenstein, brother of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, lost his right hand in a war. French composer Maurice Ravel wrote a concerto for his left hand especially for him. Or even this: One of the brothers of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (the author of the famous Logical and Philosophical Treatise) was a pianist. In the war pianist Wittgenstein lost his right hand. Therefore, the French composer Maurice Ravel created a concert for his left hand and dedicated it toWittgenstein. 

Do not write in any way: the Irish writer rejected his family, homeland, religion, remaining true only to his vocation, not giving a reason to call himself a politicized writer, even if some people considered him a “socialist” and almost a “fabian”. Since the beginning of the Second World War, he pointedly did not pay attention to the tragedy that swept through Europe, and was engaged exclusively in the Finnegan Funerals. Write too, for that matter: James Joyce rejected his family, homeland, religion. He remained true to his vocation. Of course, he cannot be called a politicized writer, although some critics believe that he was a “socialist”, he belonged to the group of “Fabians”. When World War II began, Joyce pointedly sought to ignore the tragedy that had ended in Europe. Joyce was occupied at that time only by working on Finnegan Wake. And I beg you not to write anything in a style similar to “elegant literature”: When Shtokhausen speaks in terms of “groups”, he does not go back to the sequences of either Schoenberg or even Webern.

The German musician, in the face of a ban on repeating any of the twelve notes before the end of the sequence, would not accept it. The very notion of “clusters” is structurally more flexible than the notion of sequences. At the same time, Webern did not abide by the tough principles of the author of “The One Who Saved from Warsaw” 169 The mantra writer acts more radically. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish the different stages of his creative development. Berio also testifies to the same thing: it is impossible to regard this author as a dogmatic serialist.